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Count me in

Death Before Dishonor has spent close to half a decade proving that a once unnoticed group from south of Boston could become a force in the hardcore, punk and metal worlds. Those who chose to doubt Death Before Dishonor have had no choice but to notice and acknowledge their diehard work ethic, relentless touring and unwavering belief in their band. Playing an average of 250 shows per year since 2005, and 2008 looking to be their busiest and best year, it’s inescapable-Death Before Dishonor is staking their claim in an elite group of bands in the history of hardcore.

Death Before Dishonor’s humble beginnings started to rise with the release of Friends Family Forever, a seven song EP and their first release on Bridge Nine Records. Soon after, they supported it with non-stop international touring with Agnostic Front, Champion, Full Blown Chaos, and Terror. Making believers one show at a time, DBD logged almost a year and a half straight on the road before Bridge Nine was forced to release an expanded edition of Friends Family Forever as a full-length just so the band could have something new to sell.

In 2007, the release of Count Me In established Death Before Dishonor on a whole new level. Their penchant for diverse songwriting in a genre often pegged for repitition, Count Me In was praised-often by press who admittedly didn’t expect it, with Punknews saying “it's impossible to not get caught up in their level of intensity.” If that wasn’t enough, by debuting on Billboard’s Heatseekers, Independent Albums & Top New Artists charts and staying there for four weeks, DBD proved that the kids are listening. Their video for “Break Through It All” was in rotation on MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball for over three months, and yet, people were still passing by Death Before Dishonor. DBD headlined tours nationwide and ended 2007 on the coveted Persistence Tour in Europe-headlined by Hatebreed, Agnostic Front & Ignite, and they haven’t stopped.

2008 has shown DBD supporting Count Me In all over the world including Australia, Europe, Great Britain, Mexico and Canada as well as the United States. This year proves to be the busiest for DBD and they show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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